Post - Graduate Department of History

 About Department :

 During the session 2014-15,M.A. (History) was introduce in the college following persistent demand of the students.Besides,History is offered to students of B.A. as an elective subject. The department attempts to make the students realize the rich cultural heritage of India as well as that of the world. Significant events of  the world History are discussed to prepare the students for competitive exams and also for participation in quiz contests.

Faculty Members :
Name Qualification Email Address
Mr. Rajneesh Khanna M.A., M.Phil.
Ms. Neelam Kalsi M.A., M.Phil.
Mr. Anil Kumar M.A.(Gold Medalist)
Mr..Paramvir Jagat M.A. -

Post - Graduate Department of Political Science

 About Department :

 The department runs both under- graduate as well as post -graduate courses in Political Science. Students are sensitized to issues of contemporary relevance through class room discussion, seminars and extension lectures by renowned scholars and specialists in their respective fields

Faculty Members :
Name Qualification Email Address
Mr. Sanjeev Ghai M.A., M.Phil. --
Ms. Bulbul Sharma M.A., M.Phil.
Dr.Kusum Lata M.A, Ph.D
Mrs.Rajni Bala M.A.M.Phil

 Department of Economics

 About Department :

 Offering a course at the graduation level , Department of Economics guides the students to be rational and analytical in their approach while at the same time making them aware of the various economic  problems faced by the country. It also helps them to be conscious of economic issues concerning the world and develop an inquisitive attitude.

Faculty Members :
Name Qualification Email Address
Dr. Versha Mohindra M.A., M.Phil., D.B.S.C.A.,Ph.D.
Mr. Kapil Chopra M.A.(Gold Medalist), P.G.D.C.A.
Dr.Sapna Sharma B.A. (Hons),M.A., M.Phil,Ph.D.

Department of Sociology
About Department :

 Offering a course at the graduation level , Department of Sociology guides the students to be socially aware about the happenings of the country and the world at large.

Faculty Members :
Name Qualification Email Address
Ms. Reena M.A.

Chandigarh Road, Hoshiarpur
Punjab - INDIA
Phone :- 01882-242525, 220858

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