Feedback Analysis and Action Taken Report

Feedback Analysis and Action Taken Report

The data was collected and analysed by IQAC. In general, positive feedback was received as all the stakeholders expressed satisfaction with respect to content and design of the curriculum. The relevant suggestions were listed out by IQAC. The analysis of the feedback was discussed with Principal. Our institution is affiliated to Panjab University, Chandigarh, so it has to follow the syllabus designed by the university.  The suggestions on curriculum were communicated to teachers who are members Board of Studies and committees.

Session       Feedback Analysis Action Taken  Report
  • Feedback forms were collected and     analyzed by IQAC of the institution. The stakeholders suggested some new courses should be introduced. The suggestions were discussed with Principal of the college.
  •   It was analyzed from the forms received from students that extra classes should be planned for weak students.


  •  As per the feedback received by students, faculty members and alumni of the college, new courses like M.Com, M.A. (History) and Sociology as an elective subject were introduced in the session 2014-15.
  • Extra classes were started for weak students to improve their results in university exams.
  •  The feedback suggestions of the stakeholders were regarding the need  for new courses and topics in the curriculum.
  • Alumni suggested courses according to the market scenario and field they are working in.
  • Students wanted educational trips to be part of the curriculum








  •  From the feedback received from students, teachers and alumni, it was analyzed by IQAC that topics of contemporary relevance need to be incorporated in the various subjects of arts and commerce. These suggestions were discussed with teachers who are members Board of Studies and these suggestions were passed on to University Bodies during meetings.
  • An educational trip to Pushpa Gujral Science City was planned for students.
  •  IQAC of the college analyzed feedback forms received from various stakeholders like students, teachers and alumni. After thoroughly analyzing the forms need of remedial classes was observed.
  • As per the suggestions received from the stakeholders need for a course in Communicative English was felt.
  • As per analysis of feedback forms, students wanted more educational trips and industrial  visits to be part of curriculum.
  • Alumni of the college suggested placement drive should be conducted.



  •  As per the feedback received from the students remedial classes were started for slow learners to improve performance of the students.
  • IQAC applied to UGC for releasing funds for sanctioned Add-on Course in Communicative English.
  • As per recommendation, educational trips and field trips were planned once a year.
  • Students were taken for Placement Drives Conducted by LPU.


  •  The analysis of feedback received was carried out.
  • Students expressed need of coaching for competitive exams and remedial classes.
  • Faculty and alumni of the college suggested introducing professional courses in the college.







  •  In depth analysis of feedback forms was done by IQAC and the feedback received was discussed with the Principal of the college. UGC released a sum of Rs. 6.3 lakh for Add- on Course and classes were begun to inculcate the skills for enhancement of personal skills.
  •   Remedial classes were planned in the college for slow learners.
  •  UGC- funded scheme for Coaching was applied for and grant was received. Coaching was given to students for competitive exams.


  •  In-depth analysis of the feedback was done by IQAC and discussed with Principal.
  • Students wanted placement drive should be conducted in the college.
  •  Faculty suggested starting some tutorial classes focusing on overall Personality Development and Stress Management.




  •  Professional Course like B. Voc in Retail Management was introduced in the session 2018-19 as per the feedback received from students.
  •  Placement drive was conducted by RJIL in March for final year students.
  • Tutorials aiming at Personality Development and Stress Management for students were planned.