Upload Answer Sheets


Dear Students

You are required to send pdf file of answer sheets on the following email addresses as per your class:

  1. For B.Sc. 3rd year (Non-Medical, Medical & Computer Applications) – davchsp.info.science@gmail.com
  2. For B.C.A. 3rd year – davchsp.info.computer@gmail.com
  3. For B.Sc. (Agriculture) 3rd year – davchsp.info.agriculture@gmail.com
  4. For B.Com. 3rd year – davchsp.info.commerce@gmail.com
  5. For B.Voc. 3rd year – davchsp.info.commerce@gmail.com
  6. For B.A. 3rd year  – davchsp.info.arts@gmail.com
  7. For M.A. 2nd year (Political Science, History & Punjabi) – davchsp.info.pg@gmail.com
  8. For M.Com. 2nd year – davchsp.info.pg@gmail.com
  9. For PGDCA and PGDFD 2nd Semester – davchsp.info.pg@gmail.com