Students seeking admission to D.A.V. College, Hoshiarpur as well as existing students should give an undertaking countersigned by their parents, promising to abide by the guidelines of discipline. Some of the guidelines are as under:

  1. Within and outside the premises of the college, all the students should conduct themselves in a manner befitting the great tradition of the college.
  2. The students should not indulge in any kind of activities which are likely to bring down the prestige and traditional image of the College.
  3. The students should show due respect and courtesy to the teachers, administrators, officers, employees and others associated with the college and maintain cordial relationships with fellow students.
  4. Ragging of junior / fellow students, Lack of Courtesy to others, Indecent behaviour within and outside the college, wilful damage and thieving of college property and of fellow students, unruly behaviour causing disturbance to fellow students, hacking other’s computers and cyber related crimes, malpractices in examination, plagiarism, (these are all illustrative and not exhaustive) and any other acts of omission or commission. shall constitute gross violation of the code of conduct and will be liable for invoking disciplinary measures.
  5. Students are advised to wear decent formal dresses and not in casuals.
  6. Students are advised to attend all the classes regularly from the start of the academic session.
  7. Smoking, use of alcohol, use of hallucinogenic drugs and narcotics, consuming non vegetarian food is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  8. Students should not misuse facilities in the campus.
  9. Students coming by two wheelers should compulsorily wear helmets and possess a valid driving license.
 10. Students should park their vehicles in parking area only keeping the convenience of others also in mind.
 11. Use of Mobile phones is strictly prohibited inside the campus.
 12. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited and is considered a serious offence as per the order of the Honourable Supreme Court of India.
Commensurate with the gravity of the offence, the punishment includes reprimand, fine, expulsion from the hostel / college, debarment from examination, suspension from the college and handing over the case to the law enforcing authorities of the Government.
 13. Malpractices committed in Examinations by the students, shall be viewed seriously and attract various penalties which include fines, loss of examination, expulsion from the college etc. All cases of examination malpractices detected by the staff / squad, shall be referred to the Advisory Committee for taking suitable action / punishment and the award of punishment will be binding on the students.