D.A.V. College, Hoshiarpur envisages a society that ensures peace, harmony, dignity, justice and equal opportunities for development of individuals and communities. Besides, the institution aims at empowerment through higher education to all strata of society.

To provide quality education to all irrespective of caste, creed and socio-economic status.
To facilitate the overall development of students ,to inculcate ethical values and to produce dynamic and able-minded youth.

To maintain good academic standards through effective teaching-learning methods
To train students with a view to develop their overall personality
To focus on student-centric teaching to make learning a happy and joyful experience
To sensitize the students regarding issues of contemporary relevance and guide them to emerge as responsible citizens of society

Freedom of Thought and Expression
Honesty and Integrity
Accountability and Transparency
Leadership and Cultural Heritage
Social Responsibility
Celebrate the strength of Diversity
Creativity and Innovation so as to encourage entrepreneurship and value added education to achieve personal and professional success
To be productive and participative citizens