Library Facilities

Library Sections:

Our Library has been divided into different sections for its smooth functioning:

1 . Acquisition Section: This section is mainly responsible for acquisition of books. This section procures the documents by the following process: At first, the library collects the recommendation from faculty members reviewed by Library Advisory Committee. Based on the recommendation, the library interacts and places order with selected vendors. Then, the books are accessioned in this section and transferred to the Technical Processing Section for cataloging, classification and indexing & database entry.

2 . Technical Processing Section: This section is mainly responsible for processing of procured books and acts as a bridge between Acquisition and Circulation Section. This section classifies the documents, and finally sends these books for display in the racks.

3 . Circulation Section:This section is mainly responsible for circulation of documents to the users of the library. This section acts as a bridge between users and books. The following tasks are performed by this section:

Issue of ID cards& library cards.

Issue/Return of books

Reserve/Renewal of books

Overdue Fine Collection.

4 . Periodical Section: This section is mainly responsible for procurement of print journals and e-resources (abstract & full text). E-Resource includes the Full Text Databases and Abstract/Citation Databases.

The following tasks are performed by this section:

  • Print Journals/Magazines Subscription.
  • E-Resources/Database subscription.

5 . Reference Section: This section  is mainly responsible for keeping reference books in different stacks of the Library subject-wise.

6 . Text Book Section: This section manages text books in different stacks of the library subject-wise.

7 . Digital Section: This section contains 03 nos. of PCs at present and is mainly used by the users for accessing e-resources of the library.i.e Nlist & Delnet.

General Services:

 1 . Circulation Services (Issue, Return, Renewal & Reservation)

 2 . Document Delivery Service

 3 . Inter-Library Loan (ILL)

 4 . Book Bank facility

 5 . Library Orientation Programs

 6 . Reference and Information Services

 7 . Remote access (off-campus access to digital content of the library)

 8 . Web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

Circulation Services: Borrowing of materials library provides general access to collection and a full range of loan services. These services include issue of materials from the circulating collections, checking in returned materials, and shelving of reading materials. Circulation staff in the library will also assist you in placing reservation and recall requests on items that are issued out and will help you in locating items in the stack area and deal with related matters. 

Reference Services: The Library has a good collection of reference sources such as reference books, print journals, e-books, e-journals and reference materials like dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, directories, etc. The Central Library provides reference services to the library users for their academic, research and recreation purposes.

 1 . Library provides reference and information service to its users for better use of library resources including orientation service to newcomers in respect of how to use the library resources.

 2 . Reference service includes finding user information needs and helps user to answer their queries through using wide range of library resources in print and e-formats. Computer terminals are also available to users for consulting library catalogues as well as for accessing databases and other e-resources.

 3 . Reserved books are restricted to borrow. Reserved books can only be issued for a short period through special permission from Librarian on urgent need.

 4 . Reference collection section which consists  of dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Annual Reports etc. is restricted for issuing.

Important Information:

 1 . Reference copy will not be issued.

 2 . Return the borrowed material within the due date.

 3 . Marking, Writing and Highlighting on the book are prohibited.

 4 . The borrower is obliged to compensate lost or damaged materials. To know the rules for replacement of a lost or damaged book ,kindly contact the Library.

5 . Check the missing pages, paragraphs or spoiled books before leaving the circulation desk.

 6 . No damaged book will be accepted at the circulation counter; damaged book should be replaced or repaired by the borrower.

Digital Library Service:

 1 . Library has a separate digital library section with 3 computer terminals for better use of e-resources.

2 . It is requested to use digital library and peripherals with proper care.

Usage Guidelines

 1 . E-Resources (viz. e-journals, e-books, e- databases) are subscribed by Dr.RSG Library for academic purpose only.

 2 . Systematic or excessive downloading is strictly prohibited.

3 . Use of Intelligent peripherals or accessories like spiders, robots for systematic downloading is forbidden.

 4 . Commercial Use of E- Resources is against the policy i.e. (Reselling, redistributing and republishing licensed content).

 5. Excessive or systematic downloading will be the cause of violation of agreement with the publisher and in such case publisher can block the access for entire community of Hoshiarpur, .

Remote Access Service: The Library provides the facility of providing remote access to e-resources of the library outside the College campus. The service is Id/ Password-based. 

Internet The  Library is  enabled for connecting to the Internet and accessing library’s resources.  E-resources access is Id/ password protected. 

User Assistance Service: All library staff is helpful to provide necessary assistance to the library users. The library professionals at different sections assist the library users. Library provides OPAC terminals and  OPAC to search, and browse the bibliographic resources of the library. 

Photocopy facility: The Library provides photocopy facility to the students as well as for faculty  members, during working hours of the Library.

Library Rules

 1 . Every member of the library must be prepared to identify himself/herself when requested to do so.

 2 . Outwears, brief cases, handbags, files, umbrellas and similar items should be deposited at the check point before entering the library.

 3 . Silence must be observed in the Library.

 4 . A misplaced book is temporarily lost. To avoid misplacement; books taken from the open shelves should be left on the nearest table.

 5 . Users assume the obligation of keeping the library materials in good condition. Materials damaged, defected or lost must be replaced; otherwise the cost will be realized from the borrower.

 6 . All library materials must be borrowed against Library card.

 7 . Borrowers are liable for damage and loss of books, if any;

 8 . Borrowers should check the physical condition of a book while borrowing the same.

Do’s and Don’ts of Library


 1 . Please carry the Library card whenever visiting the Library;

 2 . Your mobile should be on Switch off/silent mode when entering the library;

 3 . Please deposit bags/umbrellas etc. at the Security Counter and take a token;

 4 . All the users must mark attendance in the library attendance register  lying near the entrance of the library. Also separate attendance for digital section.

 5 . After consulting a book, please leave the same on the nearby table;

 6 . Please leave the Library 10 minutes before the closing time to help the staff to close the Library on time.


 1 . Do not ignore if you find anybody causing damage to library material. Please report the matter to Users’ Assistance Desk immediately.

 2 . Do not damage any library material.

 3 . Do not talk in the silence zone of the library.

 4 . Do not carry and eatables inside the library.

 5 . Do not file books on the shelves. A misplaced book is a lost book.

 6 . Do not smoke inside the library premises. Entire Library building, under the law, is no smoking zone.