Prize Distribution Ceremony
Every year, we gather for this prestigious Prize Distribution Ceremony. It's a chance to acknowledge and shower our brightest students with well-deserved recognition. These remarkable individuals have blazed a trail of excellence, not just in academics, but also in co-curricular activities.

Alumni Meet
A cherished tradition at our college is the annual alumni meeting.Each year, our college convenes a gathering of esteemed alumni, celebrating their achievements and strengthening ties.

Athletic Meet
Our college proudly hosts an annual Athletics Meet, a vibrant display of sportsmanship and athletic prowess.

Blood donation camp
Every year, DAV college Hoshiarpur organizes a blood donation camp

Every year, our college culminates the academic journey with a prestigious convocation ceremony, celebrating graduating students' achievements.

National and international Seminar
Our departments host a National and International Seminar, fostering knowledge exchange across disciplines.

Placement Drive
Connecting Talent with Opportunity: We host an annual Placement Drive, a platform for our graduating students to connect with potential employers.